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Why Choose Premium Access?

Offers that give you the maximum chance to earn $$$$$$$$$$$$$
The offers you’ll be seeing pop up in your login aren’t just CPC offers – they’re a little bit of everything. We know that some of you like to do CPC, CPA, display….and we’re open to that. While one campaign might have just a single model attached to it, email us with what you’d like to run and we’ll see if it can be done.

5% Commission for Life
We give you 5% of your referral’s earnings, for life. That means forever. It’s always nice to see a short-term incentive, but when you can have 5% referral bonus AND get it every single month!

Individual Logins to our Server – See what we see – in real time!
Our Premium Access server has everything you’ll need to hand select campaigns yourself, and monitor your earnings and CPA in real time!
Also, preview upcoming or other additional offers that might do well in your network with your Premium Access Login. If you haven’t started, just email!

Unique Offers + Exclusive Creatives – Keepin’ it Fresh!
Premium Access has been adding exclusive and unique offers to our available offers and listings. Are you tired of watching that MS Paint-produced creative continue to drive you crazy like your high school stalker? We are too, and have an in-house, dedicated team making sure that everything from us is BRAND NEW when it launches. Being first is always best, and we want to be the ones launching our own creative on offers….all the time.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss our product offerings, please contact any of the following email or phone: 866.258.9245